I was born in Denver, Colorado.  My mother gave me a passion for art and my father gave me a passion for skiing.  I grew up skiing in Colorado and studied Art and Architecture at the University of Idaho.   After my studies, I moved back to Colorado to ski and have called  Aspen my home ever since.


My art career began during an extended trip to Alaska, where I stayed with my father's friend who happened to be a sculptor. It was the first time I had seen large scale sculpture being created and it had a life changing impact on the path I would soon follow.


A few years after this experience, I was living a rustic lifestyle on the back of Aspen Mountain in a cabin: a wood stove for heat, no running water and, of course, a lot of skiing.  After my first winter in the cabin, my good friend, Ross Kamens suggested I carve a totem pole for my cabin.  The rest is history--I've been carving wood sculptures ever since!   I still have a cabin on the back of Aspen Mountain, but I now do most of my work in my studio in downtown Aspen, but I still enjoy carving on the mounatin whenever I can.


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